The Incredible History of Eyebrow Enhancement

The Incredible History of Eyebrow Enhancement

It may surprise you, but eyebrow enhancement, or techniques of improving the fullness, shape and appearance of eyebrows, goes back thousands of years.  The history of eyebrow enhancement is fascinating.  From using wax, makeup, lifting, lamination, tattooing, and more recently, eyebrow microblading, humans have sought to improve their physical appearance and beauty working on their eyebrows for thousands of years.

In this article we take a brief, but comprehensive, look at the history of eyebrow enhancement.

A History of Patented Eyebrow Enhancement Methods

1. Eyebrow Waxing Treatments

Ancient Egyptians used waxing to remove hair from their body as far back as 3000 BC, which included waxing eyebrows.  Wax is one of the earliest known hair-removal techniques known to humans and the eyebrows were an obvious and easy target, as people quickly realized they could improve their appearance by removing unwanted eyebrow hair using an available material such as wax.

2. Eyebrow Tattooing Treatments

Eyebrow tattooing, or imprinting pigments and stains on the skin to add fullness and style to eyebrows, is dated back to Ancient Egypt, as early as 1300 BC.  It is likely that pigments and stains were used earlier than this, but there is no written history which dates eyebrow tattooing to earlier historical periods

3. Eyebrow Tinting Treatments

Eyebrow tinting, in which a semi-permanent dye is applied to the eyebrows, gives the eyebrows a thicker, fuller, and bolder appearance. The results of an eyebrow tinting procedure can last up to two months, with some variation due to sun exposure, the type of tint used, how/how much you clean your face, and your natural skin factors.   Eyebrow tinting has existed for thousands of years, including heavy tints used by the Ancient Egyptians and a visual history of ancient Middle Eastern and Eastern cultures who colored the eyes and eyebrows. 

4. Eyebrow Threading Treatments

Eyebrow threading is thought to originate from Indian and Iranian cultures over 5,000 years ago. From the earliest millenia, eyebrow threading allowed women to change the shape of their brows and remove undesired hair. In many cultures threading was considered the preferred method of eyebrow hair removal, despite the laborious nature of the technique.

Modern Day Eyebrow Enhancement Techniques are Increasing in Popularity

With each passing year, techniques to improve the look and feel of eyebrow enhancement are being adopted, and they have become a critical part of various industries.  Both men and women are using eyebrow enhancements which improve each year that passes.

Eyebrow Enhancement

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