The best eyebrow waxing, tinting, tattooing and shaping services in Columbus

Looking for the Best Eyebrow Services in Columbus?

For many years, Southeast Regional Med Spa has provided the best eyebrow beauty services in Columbus, GA.  There are countless benefits to coming to Sermedspa for eyebrow treatments.  These benefits include:

  • improving your overall appearance
  • shaping your eyebrows to enhance your beauty
  • increasing the amount of time it takes for eyebrows to grow back controlling “uncontrolled” eyebrow growth

Our eyebrows both frame our eyes, the “windows to our soul” and frequently our most attractive and compelling feature.  Having ugly or unshaped eyebrows can distract from our natural beauty and make our overall appearance less attractive.

Eyebrow waxing, eyebrow tinting, and eyebrow shaping are fast, affordable treatments that require little prior preparation or heavy after care.  They are non-surgical and leave you looking gorgeous!

Are you looking to improve the shape, color, depth of your brows?  Or are you ready to end painful old treatments in favor of affordable, lasting services?

We offer brow sculpting, brow shaping, brow tinting, henna, brow waxing and more.  We are passionate about giving your eyebrows the attention they deserve, and giving you the best service and technical skill you can find anywhere in the South.

Eyebrow Services and Prices

If you are a first time eyebrow patient and aren’t sure which of our brow services is right for you, we can answer any questions you might have in your first session.  Please also see the FAQ’s below, where we have tried to address all of the more commonly asked questions.


Tint and Wax Services
Starting at $ 20
  • Brow Tint
  • Brow Wax

More About Our Eyebrow Services

At Sermedspa, we are trained and have experience in all of the most popular eyebrow treatments a med spa can provide.

  • Henna Brows
  • Brow Tinting.
  • Brow Lamination. 
  • Waxing. 
  • Brow Threading and more!
eyebrow waxing

Eyebrows Services FAQ's

Eyebrow tinting improves the shape, color, depth of your brows by smoothing semi-permanent stain or dye over your eyebrows.  Tinting is a way to enhance your natural brows without creating tiny tatoos on your eyebrows. 

Yes, we offer expert eyebrows waxing services.  Clients come from as far as other states to take advantage of our amazing staff who provide the best eyebrow services in the South.

The typical eyebrow tinting appointment takes 30 minutes.

After eyebrow tinting, try to avoid washing your eyelids, eyelashes, eyebrows, hair, or doing any swimming for 24 hours.  Exposure to water, exfoliating cleansers may decrease the quality and life of your tint.  After the initial 24 hours, you can resume your normal face cleansing routine.

Shower before eyebrow tinting and make sure the area is clean.  Remove any traces of makeup (powder, shadow, pencil) and ensure there is no oil or residue from facial oils, body oil, treatments where oil is applied. Clean your brows very well first.

Most eyebrow tints last 4-6 weeks, depending on your type of hair, how well you care for your brows, and the types of facial or beauty products you apply.

Yes, we offer expert eyebrows waxing services.  Clients come from as far as other states to take advantage of our amazing staff who provide the best eyebrow services in the South.

Eyebrow waxing is a way in which you can remove unwanted hair on your eyebrows, using either cold or hot wax. We use hot wax at Southeast Regional Med Spa because it is more sterile than cold wax (better to avoid infection).

Eyebrow waxing treatment takes approximately 45 minutes per session.

If your eyebrows have a more natural look, we recommend approximately every 6 weeks.  If your eyebrows are not heavily groomed, even 8 weeks between appointments should be fine.  Each client is evaluated based upon their particular situation.

After an eyebrow waxing appointment, avoid applying makeup to your eyes and avoid  using exfoliator or other cosmetics around your eyebrow area. Try not to touch your newly-waxed brows.  A main goal is to avoid oils in the eyebrow area, including oil from your fingers.  Since the skin will be sensitive after the waxing, oil can cause spotting on the sensitive skin.

Experience, technical skill, and care. Southeast Regional Med Spa offers the best eyebrow waxing near Columbus, Georgia, hands down.  Come in for a free consultation and you will know immediately you have found your favorite destination for eyebrow waxing.

No, at Southeast Regional Med Spa we do not provide any tattooing eyebrows service; while we are not against eyebrows tattooing we are experts in eyebrow waxing, eyebrows waxing, eyebrow microblading and more.