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Looking for the Best Lip Fillers in Columbus?

When lip fillers are done right, they look natural. Expertly injected lips provide fullness and structure to correct, balance and enhance your lips. The best lip fillers compliment the entire beauty of a face and enhance a smile to new heights.  

The human smile is one of the most powerful and compelling parts of our bodies; our smiles transmit energy and power to those who are looking at us.  For time eternal, rich, lush, full lips that enhance a beautiful smile have been seen as attractive and beautiful.  Now, in 2023, cosmetic science has given us the ability to enhance the fullness of our lips using lip fillers.  There are some very bad practitioners out there–we have all seen the results of their work–who, despite good intentions, are not experienced or not skilled in lip injections and lip fillers. Having lip injections done by unqualified med spas or solo practitioners is a recipe for disaster.  

At Southeast Regional Med Spa, we take each of our clients as unique individuals who deserve the best lip fillers they can encounter.  Our job is to enhance your beauty and leave you feeling happy, healthy and joyous. 

See below for more detail as to pricing and packages.

Lip Enhancement Services and Prices ​

If you are a first time lip filler patient and aren’t sure which of our brow services is right for you, we can answer any questions you might have in your first session.  Please also see the FAQ’s below, where we have tried to address all of the more commonly asked questions.


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Additional Information

When considering where to go for the best lip injections or the best lip filler treatments, consider Southeast Regional Med Spa.  Why not choose the best? 


Our expert lip injectors will help you achieve the right look and feel for the most lush and kissable lips anywhere.  Our prices are affordable and you will not find a more supportive, fun (and medically supervised) environment to have your lips done. 


Give us a call for a free consultation as part of your first session.  We can’t wait to see you!

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Lip Filler Services FAQ's

Lip fillers are cosmetic treatments that help patients enhance their lip fullness and plumpness through non-surgical cosmetic injections.

They are made of a natural sugar protein known as hyaluronic acid, increases skin hydration and support of skin tissues through water retention.

Absolutely.  Southeast Regional Med Spa offers the best lip fillers near Columbus and Newnan and our staff is known for their ability to product the most natural looking results of any lip filler provider in the South.  Our team of highly skilled practitioners are always working to perfect their skills through ongoing education, and all of our work is done with medical supervision.  Come in for a lip filler consultation before you have any treatments done so you can see the process and we can work with you.   But our lip injections are done with a careful, delicate touch that results in the best lip fillers for our clients.

Yes, you can smoke or drink alcohol after lip filler treatments.  But note that both alcohol and smoking are known to dehydrate (dry out) the skin.  Alcohol and smoking are also causation for more wrinkles, stress lines, skin discoloration and impact on the organs that provide you the healthiest appearance possible.  Alcohol intake can also lead to bruising, so perhaps it is best to wait a few days before you have a drink. After your lip injections we would recommend avoiding alcohol and smoking as much as possible but it is not universally medically impactful after treatment.

Athough they are not a surgical procedure, some patients feel slight discomfort while undergoing lip filler treatments. Sometimes patients feel a pinch or a tingling, but we have not had clients who freaked out due to pain from lip fillers.  We do everything we can to make you as comfortable and relaxed in our med spa, and this can include applying a local anaesthetic to the treatment area.

Most lip fillers last from 6-8 months.  Many of our patients come in every six months to keep everything in tip-top shape.  Plumpness and fullness will naturally reduce over time, but replenishing your lip fillers is always recommended if needed.   Each client is different so we base everything on your particular circumstance.

At Southeast Regional Med Spa, our lip filler treatments start at $700.  The prices are based upon the number of syringes.  During your free consultation we can give you an exact price but this is the starting price for the best lip injections in Columbus and Newnan.  Because the lip injection treatments last 6-8 months, having full, rich, kissable lips is actually very affordable!

Some swelling may occur post treatment, although not for all patients.  As a rule, lips tend to look completely natural and normal after (at a maximum) 2 weeks, and in some cases, almost immediately.  If you experience swelling a couple of days after your lip injections, we recommend applying ice (not directly—best to use an ice pack or cloth covered ice cube) to the swollen area.  But time will take care of it.

Medical professionals do not advise any time of cosmetic treatments while pregnant, including dermal fillers such as lip injections. It’s best to wait until you have your baby or simply get your lip injections when you are not pregnant.