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Microblading Services

Are you unhappy with your look of your eyebrows and have heard about or tried microblading eyebrows?  Are you tired of temporary solutions, with constant touchups and ongoing effort and expense to give your eyebrows the look you want?  Are you interested in a free consultation for microblading near Columbus or Newnan?


Microblading eyebrows is a cosmetic procedure offered by Southeast Regional Med Spa that will give you the natural-looking, well defined eyebrows you have been seeking.  The results of eyebrow microblading can last for as much as two years, depending upon how often you get a touch up, your lifestyle and the type of skin you have.   The other benefits of eyebrow microblading, when done by the talented technicians at Southeast Regional Med Spa, is that it is very safe.  Microblading eyebrows will make your eyebrows look more attractive, thicker, and you can still pluck your eyebrows for fine touches and a final look that you may desire.

In addition to microblading eyebrows, we offer brow sculpting, brow shaping, brow tinting, henna, and brow waxing.  For more detail on the best microblading near Columbus and Newnan and answers to commonly asked questions, review some of the eyebrow microblading FAQ’s below. 

Microblading Eyebrows - Services and Prices

If you are a first time eyebrow microblading patient and aren’t sure if microblading services are right for you, we can answer any questions you might have in your first session.  


$ 550
  • The price for MIcroblading is $550 ($200 non-refundable deposit to schedule after Free consultation). A microblading session takes 2-4 hours.

More About Eyebrow Microblading

Eyebrow microblading is one of the most popular eyebrow treatments we provide.  Microblading eyebrows is a form of a cosmetic semi-permanent makeup performed using, a manual (not a machine) disposable handheld tool. The tool is made of very fine needles that look like a small blade. This blade is referred to as a “microblade”.  The microblade is used to  draw each individual hair by hand while implanting the pigment into the skin at the same time.  A microblading eyebrows session takes 2-4 hours.

Microblading near me

Microblading Eyebrows Services FAQ's

We provide microblading near Columbus, GA and Newnan, GA, and we have clients who drive from all over the South to receive our microblading services.  We are known throughout the region for our quality, technical skill and the caring and fun environment we provide.  Just click to find our locations.

As you will see above, the price for expert microblading eyebrows  begins at $550.  You can also visit our pricing page to get more detail on all of our services.

Our med spa features medically supervised services and yes, microblading eyebrows is safe.  It has been in existence for a few years now, and we have the best microblading eyebrow services around.   Our team of technicians are top quality and provide the best microblading around.  Check out some of our client reviews to learn more.

Microblading  does not permanently remove any of your eyebrow hair; it is designed to make your real eyebrow hair look thicker and more beautiful.  So yes, after you receive a eyebrow microblading you may need to continue plucking your eyebrows.

If you Google “microblading near me” or “microblading service near me” and Southeast Regional Med Spa comes up, just click on us.  Then we can guarantee you are going to get a safe, experienced microblading med spa?

Come in for a free consultation.  Check out our med spa and compare with other eyebrow microblading locations near you.  We want you to feel your best and look your best, and that includes being totally comfortable that we provide the best eyebrow microblading services near Columbus and Newnan.