Med Spas for Men Are Popular

Throughout the USA, Med Spas for Men are Here to Stay

In recent years, American men have begun to increase their visits to med spas for men, and med spas that cater to both men and women. While the data is evolving, most national spa consultants indicate that not only are more men visiting med spas, men are now stating to even outspend women on med spa treatments. 

While it is thought that they make up just above 10% of the current med spa marketplace, it is expected that men are going to make up a third, or 30% within the next few years.   And the numbers will only continue to rise.

Med spa attendance by men throughout the US, is further evidenced by the fact that med spas are opening up that are primarily or exclusively designed for male med spa treatments.  

As Dawn Barngrover, owner of Southeast Regional Med Spa states, “Men make up a significant and growing percentage of our clients.  We are seeing more and more male clients and we welcome them.  Once they see all that we are able to do and how great they look and feel, they become regulars.”

What are the primary treatments men are seeking?

Many men of all ages are visiting med spas for the entire range of treatments that med spas may offer, including

  • chemical peels
  • eyelashes
  • microneedling
  • weight loss

Men are Seeking Anti-Aging Botox Treaments and Dermal Fillers

Botox, humorously referred to as “brotox” when men undergo the treatments, is very popular among men who visit med spas.   Like women, men of all ages are appreciating the obvious benefits that botox can provide—like removing wrinkles and the effects of aging, and creating a more youthful appearance.  Improving one’s appearance is certainly not a gender-specific goal, and men are proving through their investment in botox treatments that they are seeking to enjoy the benefits of botox as much as women do.

med spas for men

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