4 Major Reasons People Love Botox Injections

4 Major Reasons People Love Botox Injections

Since 1978 when Botox was first approved by the FDA, Botox has become a household word, and millions of people visit facial specialists to improve their appearance and touch-up areas they want to make wrinkles relax and disappear.  Men and women both visit med spas, like Southeast Regional Med Spa, and find top Botox injectors as part of their monthly beautification routine.  If you are reading this, you probably have already found a botox injector near you and are a fan of botox injections.

But for those who are new to botox, we would like to share some of the main reasons why people love botox and why it has become so incredibly popular and widespread.

1. Botox works in a way regular skincare doesn’t work—and it works quickly

Botox injections target specific areas of your face in a way that regular skin care techniques won’t do.  Facial features of each individual are different, and getting botox injections can help you lessen or eliminate muscles that make your smile less impactful (“frowning lines”), and can help you address areas around the eyes, on the forehead, and around that mouth that creams, lotions, serums, and other skin care products simply cannot improve. 

Within 5-7 days of your treatments, botox begins to show results, but not in a drastic way where people (even those who know you) will immediately recognize that you have taken steps to reduce or eliminate wrinkles of other issues.  This is a very quick turnaround for eliminating facial wrinkles and lines that have taken decades to develop. 

2. Botox treatments are affordable

At Southeast Regional Med Spa, a 3-area Botox Special Package runs $500, with Dysport or Xeomin injections starting at $450.  A few tubes of eye cream or wrinkle relaxer of decent quality can exceed this price.  Being able to improve your appearance dramatically for a few hundred dollars with botox injections is cost effective, particularly if your career requires that you look naturally younger than you are, or where appearance is at a premium. 

In that sense, botox and other skin fillers can be viewed as an investment, and reducing wrinkles and treating a range of conditions can improve the quality of your life to a degree that is hard to quantity.  So by “real-world” standards, botox is very affordable, and you don’t do it every day.

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3. Botox can improve your appearance in a lot of distinct areas

As our botox treatments FAQ section outlines, Botox injections can improve your appearance in a number of areas, including between the eyes, the forehead, corners of the eyes (aka Crow’s feet), a Bunny nose or Gummy smile, lips and lip areas, and a frowing mouth as well as Masseter’s (tmj or grinding teeth).  

4. Botox is safe, FDA approved, and minimally invasive

As we now see on a regular basis, people spend a fortune on medically invasive ways of changing their appearance.  Sometimes, they take risks with unapproved or dangerous methods that are not federally-approved or even medically-sound.

Botox was first approved by the FDA in 1978, and decades have passed since then in which enough data about safety and impacts of botox has been gathered that shows botox is safe.  There are no knives or blades used with botox injections, only an ultra thin needle being used by a very skilled, experienced hand like you will find on the staff at Southeast Regional Med Spa.  Their botox injectors have years of experience and have a very light touch, working with you for your goals each step of the way.

For a free consultation and appointment, contact us today.  If you are considering trying botox for the first time or are a regular, Southeast Regional Med Spa is here to help you.