Looking for the Best Laser Hair Removal in Columbus? 

Laser hair removal is the most requested service in our spa.  We at Southeast Regional Med Spa are experts and provide the best laser hair removal services in Columbus.  If you want to remove or reduce unwanted hair, or have irritation from shaving or waxing, laser hair removal is an excellent option for you.  If you have sensitive skin and want to avoid ingrown hairs and other pesky hair issues, we are here to help.   Call or book an appointment for a free consultation if you are considering laser hair removal.

We offer the Gentle Max Pro Laser by Candela. Our lasers are recognized as the world leader in laser hair removal.

The pricing begins at $99 and up per session.  The hair removal laser contains a cooling system that allows cold air prior to the laser firing with the warm air. This cooling system increases your level of comfort. 

Our laser is cleared for all skin types. The laser targets the hair follicle with intense pulses of light energy for thermal destruction without damaging surrounding tissues. The hair grows in three cycles. The hair must be in the growth cycle during the treatment time for optimum results. Most laser hair areas require 8 sessions.  See below for more detail as to pricing and packages.

Laser Hair Removal Services and Prices

If you are a first time laser hair removal patient and aren’t sure which of our laser services is right for you, we can answer any questions you might have in your first session.  First consultations are free.  

More About Our Laser Hair Removal Services

Most laser hair areas require 8 sessions. When you purchase a package, you receive two extra sessions free for a total of 10 sessions. These extra two sessions may be used for touch ups or stubborn hair. The length between each session is dependent upon the area being treated. Each session is around 20 minutes as an average. The entire back, both legs, and multiple areas will take a longer amount of time at each session. You may have temporary redness or swelling after treatment. Always use sunscreen and avoid the sun two weeks prior to laser and two weeks after laser treatment. 

best laser hair removal services